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New Vice President

Robert Ian Wingfield, Ph.D. New International Vice President

Ian was born in Chester, Cheshire, England, 5 June 1959, 15 miles south of Liverpool. It was originally a military town called “Deva” in the Roman province of Britannia, built on the River Dee about 75 A.D (great for internet English history reading!). It is the only city in England to retain a complete set of Roman walls around the city center. Ian, the son of WFS members Robert and Gwendoline Elizabeth (Crocombe) Wingfield of Chester, England, where he lived until age 18.

Ian’s primary school was Woodfield in Chester, and he attended Kingsway High School, 1970-1977. He received degrees at Cambridgeshire College in Cambridge (1977-1980) and then a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics, and finally a Ph.D. in sociology at Imperial College, London. While at Imperial, he was employed as deputy team leader 1985-86 on a government sponsored research project to investigate work place industrial relations and trade union democracy. After leaving Imperial, Ian was employed in a number of human resource and policy roles in the banking, postal, and telecom industries.

Ian always had an active interest in politics which began in high school and college. In 1989, he was elected councilor for the London Borough of Southwark for the Labor Party, and has been re-elected seven times and is seeking his next reelection next year. He is currently a Cabinet Member for the Environment and Public Realm, and since last year, he is a Director of the London Waste and Re-cycling Board.

Ian first met his wife Alison Angelina Moise at work. They were married on 6 August 2005, and now live in Nunhead, London.

Ian belongs to a local charitable group, the Guidable Manor. He is a chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Institute of Management Services, the City and Guilds College, the Royal Academy of Arts, the National Film Institute, and the Athenaeum Club (Liverpool), as well as the Wingfield Family Society as its new International Vice President since 2 June 2017.

Genealogy is one of Ian’s special interests. This was sparked while in Cambridge when he was age 18. His grandfather was born in a small village, Handley, outside of Chester. Years ago he went with his parents when they found a tombstone with four generations of Wingfield’s inscribed. The earliest tombstone found was John Wingfield–born 1743, died 1836.

Ian first learned about the WFS on the internet. So far, the earliest traced ancestor he can find on his family tree is William Wingfield, a church warden in Handley, who died in 1727. Ian has discovered the farmhouse and land that his family owned near Handley Cheshire, dating from the 1700s.

Both William Wingfield and his son Samuel were Freemen of Shrewsbury in the 1720s, and hence, Ian, his father, and cousins, were able to become “Freemen” also. It is probable that they have connections to the Shrewsbury Wingfield Line.

In 2007, Ian was appointed deputy chairman of The New World Tapestry by Tom Mor, to succeed Tom in managing The New World Tapestry and to replace him in the event of Tom’s disability.

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