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The Blackwall Historical Marker

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Virginia Settler's Momument On June 30, 1928 the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities arrang­ed for and provided a plaque to be displayed at the site where the three ships sailed for America in 1606. It was placed on the Master House, Brunswick Wharf, Blackwall, England and commemorated the landing at Cape Henry, [...]

Tickencote Hall – Wingfield Home For 250 Years

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by John Parry-Wingfield, of Empingham, England Tickencote Hall Members of the WFS who have visited Tickencote, and indeed those who have the pleasure to come, may be interested in this brief history of Tickencote Hall, a Wingfield home for some 250 years and home of Sir John Wingfield (1592-1631), grandfather of Thomas Wingfield of [...]

New World Tapestry Features Jamestowne

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On February 21, 1989, WFS represent­ative, Vance Wingfield of Ft. Worth, Texas placed the first stitch in the 1607 tapestry depicting England's establishment of the first permanent colony in the new world. The ceremony was in Bideford, Devon is for one of the eventual 23 canvas em­broidery panels each 11 feet wide and four feet high. [...]

Sir John Wingfield And The Black Prince

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by Tony Wingfield Sir John, Katherine's father and the last Lord of Wingfield Manor, was undoubt­edly a soldier of some fame, and it was fortunate for him that the monarch of his day was Edward III and not the unadventurous passivist Edward II. Sir John was apparently a friend of Edward III who appointed him High [...]

Wingfield Castle

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Wingfield Castle The grandson of Katherine (Wingfield), Countess of Suffolk and her martial husband was William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk, "Jacnapes", who in the early 15th century married Alice Chaucer, granddaughter of the great English poet, Goeffrey Chaucer. During the tie they lived at Wingfield Castle, Charles, Duke of Orleans, prince [...]

War of the Roses – Wingfield Connection

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by Josephine H. Wasson White Rose Badge Of York Scarcely had the Hundred Years' War ended in England when the rival interests of York and Lancaster were involved in the 30 year struggle known as the Wars of the Roses. These civil wars came about as the descendants of Edward III claimed the throne [...]

York Herald

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by Jocelyn Wingfield Sir Anthony Wingfield KG COA Heraldry is the science of coats of arms—hereditary symbols which came to prom­inence all over Europe in the early 12th cen­tury. As the soldier encase his face (the origin of expression: "shut your face!") in amour, heraldic symbols were used on his helmet, so he was [...]

Line of Frances Cromwell

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Grandmother of Thomas Wingfield of York River, VA by Josephine H. Wasson Henry VIII, grandson of our Wingfield ancestor Queen Elizabeth Woodville, con­sort of Edward IV, was one of England's ablest, but most tyrannical rulers. Though he is remembered mainly for his numerous wives and for separating the Church of England from the control of Rome, [...]

John Wingfield, York Herald

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Kinship, Marriage, Patronship and Career by Marvin Wingfield Silver Springs, Maryland York Heralds Careers in England after the fire of 1660 were determined by family connections and patronage relationships to key figures who held power of appointment to institutional positions. There were networks of allegiances, ties of patronage and kinship within the circles of [...]

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots

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History's Eye Witness Account, 8th Feb. 1587 by Robert Wingfield (Edited by Jocelyn Wingfield 8 July, 1987) Wingfield Manor For years Queen Elizabeth of England hesitated to have Mary Queen of Scots executed or assassinated. In 1569-70 and 1584-85, she was held prisoner at Wingfield Manor, near North and South Wingfield, Derbyshire (whence the [...]